Pacers Program

The Pacers Program assists participants to their time goals in the Marathon and Half Marathon. Pacers are experienced runners who aim to maintain an relatively even pace throughout the race with the goal to have you finishing slightly faster (30 seconds or so) than your goal time. Since the Toowoomba course has some hills there will be times where they will have you running slightly faster than the average pace to make up for the climbs.

For easy visibility, the pacers will be carrying a coloured balloon and a goal time sign high amongst the starting runners. Each pace runner will also wear a singlet with the goal time marked on the back. It’s important to know the start zone your pace runner will be in and ensure you choose the same start zone when you enter so you can start the race near your pacers. 

Since the marathon and half marathon both start together the pace times (with the exception of the 1:30 half marathon pacer) have been designed to align together e.g. the 1:45:00 half marathon pacer and the 3:30:00 marathon pacer will run together whilst guiding & motivating you throughout the race. 

Pacers will run to the ‘Net Time’ (also called ‘Chip Time’). Net Time is the time it takes you to complete the distance once you’ve crossed the start line. Note: Due to participant numbers, it may take several minutes to cross the start line after the gun is fired. 

Marathon Pace Times

Pace Group min/km Balloon Colour Position Pacers
3 hr 30mins 4:59 min/km Purple Middle of Zone A  TBA
3 hr 45mins 5:20 min/km Purple Back of Zone A  TBA
4 hrs 5:42 min/km  Purple Middle of Zone B  TBA
4 hr 30 mins 6:24 min/km  Purple Back of Zone B  TBA
5 hrs  7:07 min/km  Purple Front of Zone C  TBA
Chaser (6hrs 30mins)* *Chaser will run to gun time.  9:15 min/km Purple Back of Zone C TBA

Half Marathon Pace Times

Pace Group min/km Balloon Colour Position Pacers
1 hr 30 mins  4:16 min/km Yellow Front of Zone A  TBA
1 hr 45 mins  4:59 min/km  Yellow Middle of Zone A  TBA
1 hr 52 mins 30 seconds 5:20 min/km Yellow Back of Zone A  TBA
2 hrs  5:42min/km  Yellow Middle of Zone B  TBA
2 hrs 15 mins  6:24 min/km  Yellow Back of Zone B TBA
2 hrs 30 mins  7:07 min/km  Yellow Front of Zone C TBA
Chaser (3hrs 15mins)*
*Chaser will run to gun time
9:15 min/km Yellow Back of Zone C TBA

Want to be a pacer in 2024?

To adequately carry out the pacer role you’ll need to be able to comfortably run the pace you’ve nominated for. You also need to be prepared to offer encouragement and motivate runners. All volunteer pacers will receive a race entry to their designated race and a pacer singlet.

Pacer positions are now filled for the 2024 event, thank you for all the applications received!