Race Entries

What date is the Toowoomba Marathon presented by Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport?

Toowoomba Marathon and associated events will take place on Sunday 5 May 2024.


Distance Start Time
Marathon 6:15am
Half Marathon 6:15am
10km 6:30am
5km 10:30am
2km Junior Dash 10:00am


When are entries open?

Entries will open on 1st February at 9am AEST (QLD time).

When do entries close?

Entries close on Friday 3 May 2024.

What are the age restrictions for each event?

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport Marathon – minimum age is 18 years old
ASICS Half Marathon – minimum age is 15 years old
Vanderbilt Private Equity 10km Run – minimum age is 12 years old
Visit Toowoomba Region 5km – no age restriction however all entrants under 12 must be accompanied by a registered adult.
Toowoomba Chronicle 2km Junior Dash – the entrant must be between 5 and 12 years old

Why is there a cut-off policy for each race?

Each race of the Toowoomba Marathon presented by Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport has an official cut off time in which entrants must complete their race. These cut off times are enforced so roads can be reopened to the public in accordance with event permits. These are all based off the gun time (i.e. the time from when the starting gun is fired).

View cut-off policy and times

I can no longer participate in the event I entered, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds payable unless expressly permitted by law.

If you can no longer participate in the event for which you are currently entered, you are able to downgrade to a lower distance. Please complete a race change via the Update my Entry portal.

If you are no longer able to participate in the event at all, you are able to transfer your entry to another person. Please complete your transfer via the Update my Entry portal.

How do I get my name printed on my Race Number?

If you register prior to 31 March you will get to choose a name/nickname to be printed on your race number within your registration form. Entries after this date will receive #TWM24 printed on their race number in the name/nickname space.

Please note that if you choose to change your race distance after 31 March you will be issued with a new race number for your new race distance and this new race number will have #TWM24 printed on it.

Can I participate in a day wheelchair? 

The race organiser has strong risk management concerns about the inclusion of participants other than runners in our events based on the known congestion and inattentive behaviour of some runners and the potential for accidents to occur.

Day wheelchairs may compete in any race. For the safety of yourself and others, we recommend affixing a flag to your wheelchair and starting from the very rear of the starting field in each race. However, if you are an experienced participant you may elect to start in the start zone based on your anticipated finish time.


How do I register a team?

Your team manager will need to visit the Team Manager Portal to register your team name and code. Once this registration has been completed, individuals will be able to select their team from a drop down selection within the entry form,

Register your team

I am the team manager and wish to access my team list, how do I do this?

You can access your team details and list of team members via the team manager portal.

Do all team members have to be in the same event?

Your team can choose to race in any of our five races and each individual is welcome to select their own start zone. You do not have to race together in the same race or choose the same start zone.

I have already registered, how do I add myself to a team?

You can add yourself to your team via the Update my Entry Portal. Once logged in select Update Race Details and complete the team entry details section.

Update my Entry

Junior Dash

Can I run with my child in the Toowoomba Chronicle Junior Dash?

One parent/guardian is allowed to accompany a child free of charge if they deem this necessary. Please complete the accompanying parent details when registering your child. All accompanying parents will be required to wear specific passes to enter the course which will be supplied with the child’s race pack. If you deem it necessary to accompanying your child you must start with them towards the back of the start zone.

How do I collect my child after the race?

Included with the Toowoomba Chronicle Junior Dash race number will be a parent recovery area access pass. This pass will allow one person per child access into the Toowoomba Chronicle Junior Dash Recovery Area post race to collect your child. More information on the location of the Junior Dash Recovery Area will be provided with the entrants race pack.

Elite Starts

I wish to apply for a Elite start – what are the qualifying times?

Elite qualifying times (achieved since 1 January, 2022):

Race Male Female
Marathon Sub 2:40:00 Sub 3:00:00
Half Marathon Sub 1:15:00 Sub 1:25:00
10km Sub 36:00 Sub 41:00
5km Sub 19:00 Sub 21:00

This is my first time at this distance, how can I provide a qualifying time if I have never raced this distance before?

If this will be your debut at this distance, please provide your best recent results over a shorter distance/s that demonstrates your current form in on track to run faster than the time listed for the race you have entered.

Marathon debut – your best recent Half Marathon result
Half Marathon debut – your best recent 10km result
10km debut – your best recent 5km result

How do I apply for a Elite Start?

Please complete the details within your race registration form. You will need to provide us with a direct link to a previous qualifying result. Actual race results are preferred over Strava / virtual activity.

Please note the cut-off date for applications is 31 March 2024.

I have applied for a Elite start – how do I know when this has been approved?

Email confirmation will be sent confirming your start. If you have provided a time outside of the automatic qualifying times or have provided a Strava / virtual result, your application may take longer to be approved / assessed.

Race Numbers

Race Number – Do I have to collect it?

You are required to collect your race number prior to your race. We recommend collecting the day before to avoid delay in getting to the start line.

Toowoomba East State School
Assembly Hall
Arthur Street, East Toowoomba QLD 4350

Opening Hours:
Saturday 4th May: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 5th May: 4:30am – 10:30am

We recommend entrants collect their own race number. However, if you need someone to collect on your behalf, please provide them with a copy of your entry certificate (link on entry confirmation email).

Can someone else collect my race number of my behalf?

Yes absolutely, please send them a copy of your entry certificate (link on entry confirmation email) to take with them to collect.

Do I have to wear my race number? & where do I attach it?

Yes absolutely, this is your proof of entry for the race, has your timing chip and will gain you access to the course. Please affix using the provided safety pins to the front of your singlet/t-shirt.

Race Transfers and Changes

Can I change races?

Yes, you can change your race up until entries close.

When downgrading your race distance, refunds will not be given. When upgrading your race, you will be required to pay the difference in entry fees. Please complete your upgrade/downgrade via the Update my Entry portal.

Please note that if you choose to change your race distance after 31 March you will need to be issued with a new race number and your name/nickname will no longer be available.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Yes, entries can be transferred from one entrant to another. Transfers are only valid for the same year of entry. Please complete your transfer via the Update my Entry portal.

If downgrading your race distance once transferred, refunds will not be given. If upgrading your race, you will be required to pay the difference in entry fees.

Can I transfer my entry to the 2025 Toowoomba Marathon?

No. Transfers are only valid for the year of the event.

Can I change details on my race entry?

Yes, you can update your entry details, including your address, email, phone number, emergency contact, race distance and start zone. Please login to the Update my Entry portal to complete your change.

Please note if you need to change your name or date of birth you will need to email info@toowoombamarathon.com.au to make the change.


Can I participate with a baby in a pram?

Yes, you may participate with a baby in a pram in the Vanderbilt Private Equity 10km or Visit Toowoomba Region 5km races. Prams are not permitted in the marathon or half marathon for safety reasons as the course route includes two-way runners along the West Creek pathway which is is very narrow.

Please note that all entrants in the Vanderbilt Private Equity 10km and Visit Toowoomba Region 5km with a pram must start at the back of the field (i.e. Start Zone C). If you would like the child to receive entrant rewards (i.e. race number and finisher medal) then you will need to enter them in to the event with their own separate entry.

What is a Medal Tab?

A Medal Tab is a personalised medal insert, engraved with your name (maximum of 30 characters) and net time, that fits neatly in to the back of your finisher’s medal and is designed to take the place of traditional medal engraving. You can purchase a Medal Tab as part of your registration. If you register and forget to add it you can purchase via the Update my Entry portal. Medal Tabs are mailed to you after the event.

What happens to clothing left behind on course?

Clothing left at the start line, on course and at Race Precinct will be donated to charity. Please do not leave valuables in your clothing at the start line as all items will be removed immediately after each race start.